Friday Song: Depeche Mode

Strange that I haven’t gotten around to honoring Depeche Mode for a Friday Song. Well, I haven’t been feeling that depressed mode. Bah bump! The archetypal synth band of the 80’s — and the most successful in history — and beyond remains this team of electronic dark dervishes (and a-ha’s favorite). Fronted by singer David Gahan and songsmith Martin Gore, the band started out utilizing the bright modulated colors of the early Moogs, Sequential Circuits, ARPS and Korgs with sardonic, infectiously melodic tunes such as “The Meaning Of Love” and “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Their early colorful sound went into chirascuro with “Black Celebration,” arguably their best LP and a definite end to a pop era. Their next release, 1988’s “Music For The Masses” showed a heavier hand, with catchy tunes but laden with more perverse ambiance. I think they got the dark balance just bright with 1982’s “A Broken Frame,” my personal favorite. And “The Sun And The Rainfall” is easily one of my beloved DM songs, combining their gifts for minor melodies without the heroin hopelessness of future releases. And the message is always welcome on rainy birthdays…

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