Jean Rollin RIP

I’ve only seen twenty minutes of a Jean Rollin film and I put him alongside Jess Franco, whose work I’d rather read about than watch, but I’m hipster to Rollin’s sex blood vampire oeuvre. The stunning poster for LE FRISSON DES VAMPIRES by artist Phillipe Druillet remains one of his unique visceral legacies. Au revoir.

2 Responses to “Jean Rollin RIP”

  1. Rollin was a tad more disciplined than Franco, at least as far as conventional technique was concerned. For one thing, Rollin, unlike Franco, had no issues when it came to conveying coherent, linear narratives. But a little Rollin can go a long way. I’ve seen three of his films, which I’ve somehow spaced evenly over the last couple of decades, and figure I’m not due for my next fix five or six years from now.

  2. Same here. I know who he is, I’ve seen stills and clips, but just haven’t gotten around to sitting through an entire film. Brigitte Lahaie…a wuma wa wa wa wa!

    And now Blake Edwards, too. Bet you’ve seen HIS movies.

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