19 Responses to “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…”

  1. Do you remember Ebert’s “box rule”?

  2. Egad… you just reminded me of Red Buttons with… Nonnie?!? What a freak show! I haven’t seen this inflated puppy since it came out… I’m still recovering from “There’s Got to Be a Morning After”… I actually saw Maureen McGovern in concert shortly after this movie came out. Her career had instantly tanked, and some people in the audience were yelling for Maria Muldaur instead, even though Maria wasn’t on the bill. It was an outdoor concert, one of those mini-Woodstocks that sprang up during the 70s. Held at the Islip Speedway on Long Island, the other acts were Brewer & Shipley, David Peel & the Lower East Side (I stood three feet away from David while he was getting stoned in the audience after his set), Richie Havens (of course) and John Lee Hooker. It was about a hundred degrees, no shade, very intense sun… which few of us felt thanks to the wine, weed and acid. Boy Howdy!

    • christian Says:

      More stories like this please!

      And by Poseiden’s Trident I love “There’s Got To Be A Morning After” — it’s like the greatest Carpenters song they never sung.

  3. I was 12 when I saw this and, well, lookee there — Pamela Sue Martin. Wowsers. Anyone see the remake, “Poseidon” or for that matter the sequel, “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure”? I still need to see “The Swarm” which is supposed to be hilarious. True?

    • christian Says:

      THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE is easily my favorite 70’s disaster film, and the first time I was aware of John Williams, whose score is apropos lush and ominous. The effects are still perfect and unsettling and the whole thing is just crazy watchable. This was one of the first films to break the 100 million dollar mark in box office, so this really was a cultural tidal wave. And who knew that Gene Wilder was cast but had to bow out because of scheduling?

      Never saw the CG remake which looked pointless and I should sit down to the sequel, which was released on New Year’s Eve 1979 to universal indifference. But whatta cast!

      THE SWARM is hilarious. Irwin Allen was really milking a dead cash cow at that point…

  4. ‘beyond the poseidon adventure’ is hilariously bad, a train wreck of ambivalence and lack of momentum you just can’t look away from made all the more bizarre by its great cast (i’m hugely fond of ‘the poseidon adventure’, when i saw it as a kid it gave me such a rush, and weirdly i had a bit of a crush on hackman’s reverend for some reason)

  5. THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE is THE NUMBER ONE NEW YEAR’S EVE MOVIE. Delicious frothy nonsense from beginning to end.

  6. Irwin Allen kicks Fellini’s ass, hands down. At least here, he does.

    I’d hate to feel left out, so — watched this a year or two ago. Hadn’t seen it since I was a kid, and possibly never had start to finish.

    As far as Seventies films go, it’s no GODFATHER or MCCABE or CHINATOWN or JAWS or… (insert one of fifty other classics from the decade.) But it is, as Christian says, very watchable indeed.

    (Anybody seen JUGGERNAUT? That one is flat-out good, minus the guilty pleasure/cheese factor. Well, it stars Richard Harris, so I can’t call it entirely cheese-free. Or ham-free.)

    • christian Says:

      Fellini was actually the original director of THE POSEIDEN ADVENTURE. But when Irwin Allen proudly revealed the massive ship model to Fellini, he only said, “But where is the circus?” And Allen showed him the door.

  7. fwiw i saw ‘juggernaut’ on cable not long ago, well sort of saw, sadly i fell asleep. not the movie’s fault tho, my fault. harris, ian holm, sharif and hopkins, i’d forgotten all those guys were in it. i’ll have to give it another go without having to extensively examine the interior surface of my eyelids for several hours on end while doing so.

  8. christian Says:

    JUGGERNAUT is terrific, Richard Lester’s best pure narrative film. And the cast is wonderful, especially Harris. I believe this was also the film that gave the world the first look at “cutting the blue or red wire”…

  9. christian Says:

    IRONIC FACT I NEVER KNEW: Aboard the Titanic the night she sank, the second level deck screened an early D.W. Griffith reeler called…THE POSEIDEN ADVENTURE about a sinking ship. Absolutely true.

  10. Just more proof that our so-called reality is a big joke on us. Plate o’ shrimp indeed.

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