Friday Song: Moby

I first heard Moby when I was living in Long Beach, attending community college, reinventing my life before the backdrop of lower Southern California, the Queen Mary and the LBC, with GRAND CANYON helicopters and their roving spotlights overhead every night punctuated by the sound of neighborhood gunfire. I was punched out twice; my roommate’s dad’s car was stolen in front of our pad; six guys climbed into our carpet sized backyard to be chased off by the rottweiler; and I was occasionally groped on the bike trail too close to the local cruising zone (i.e, Long Beach). Despite the fact that our local poetry readings were a non-pretentious, smashing success while I was in the process of some kind of positive social, personal, scholastic and creative evolution, I have never felt so apocalyptically depressed as during my time there. Go figure. Though my sole rave experience made me a life-long non-believer in the scene, Moby’s majestic, thumping cinematic dance music appealed to me instantly. His 1995 fully realized studio effort and arguably best disc, “Everything Is Wrong,” encapsulates all that is right or wrong about Moby’s style, from the less appealing screaming beats to the aforementioned epic soundscapes. This was one of my soundtracks to that unique, transformative 90’s period of Clinton and Tarantino, and when I came home one anxious afternoon to find out that I was accepted into Cal and would be leaving Long Beach for the green hills of Berkeley, I cranked up “Feeling So Real” and raved all over the living room table. Grateful.


One Response to “Friday Song: Moby”

  1. It makes sense to me. Thanks for putting it out here.

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