Saturday Midnight Movie ’76


11 Responses to “Saturday Midnight Movie ’76”

  1. Hi Chris

    I was forced to sing LZ in a cover band when I was 19, but it was never really my style. A bit too affected (and hurt my vocal chords). Though composition-ally many of their songs were genius. Perhaps it is a fine edge, art and affect. I was always more of a geeky Rush child. Subdivisions captured my soul. Even with the ayn rand philosophy, they could be forgiven, artistic integrity, or the IDEA of artistic integrity….

    Its good to be back in LA



  2. Love this film. Was never crazy about the fantasy segments wedged inbetween songs but I just watched it again a little awhile ago and they didn’t bother nearly as much so, go figure. That next box set of this film is something else. They really did a nice job on the transfer.

    • Strangely I managed to miss this midnight movie mainstay out of some perverse methodology. I stuck to DAWN OF THE DEAD; THE WALL; ENTER THE DRAGON. Even though I had the soundtrack and was a LZ fan.

      The fantasy segments are kind of the most interesting parts and I never knew why they got so much grief. I particularly like the opening with their manager blasting away at other gangsters – as he would be accused of jacking the safety deposit box during the New York leg of the tour. And certainly the genesis for SPINAL TAP is right here.

  3. It’s no RENALDO & CLARA.

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