Bleeding Hearts

I recall vividly watching the late night HBO premiere of this 1981 Canadian slasher epic, part of the seemingly endless chain of  HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH holiday-based horror films. I was a masochistic, impressionable young’n, so I had no problem viewing this el solo lobo in the confines of the living room, protected by a drawing tablet, FANGORIA magazine, my famous Ortega nachos and liters of Pepsi. Even though the extreme gore had been excised by the Siskel-Ebert scarred MPAA, there was enough to sate the gorehound and it was still plain scary, especially the creepy final shot. I’m glad the film has since been restored to its crimson gorey, so in the spirit of the season…Happy Valentine’s Day….


7 Responses to “Bleeding Hearts”

  1. Thanks for giving my fellow countrymen a shout-out. Man, the 1980s was a pretty good decade for Canuck horror films with this one and TERROR TRAIN, etc. It’s a shame that the industry hit kind of a lull until GINGER SNAPS.

  2. Anonymous-9 Says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Christian. I needed that!

  3. how is it i’ve never seen this movie? i guess i should rectify that.

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