Sunday Night Drive-In


9 Responses to “Sunday Night Drive-In”

  1. THE FUTURIST! has a big cardboard box of old newspaper movie ads from his childhood and teenage years. HE recalls his local theater giving out free brochures of upcoming attractions in the lobby. He has them, to.

  2. i love those advert sheets, and what a badass triple bill — plus ‘I-77 DRIVE-IN’ just may be the coolest-sounding name for a drive-in ever

    (lol FAST! – FAST! – FAST! see it three times to see it all!”. they’re not silly about trying it on for ticket sales)

    • christian Says:

      The 1-77 is indeed the most bonza drive-in name ever. Located in Statesville, North Caroline off Route 70.

      I love the “management” plea to ignore the R-rating for WALKING TALL and bring the whole family to this brutal ginormous hit.

      Better still is the third-billed TAKING OFF, Milos Forman’s first American film and a strange counter-culture comedy.

      • well after all, it is “the south’s most modern drive-in cinema”!

        (that plea by The Management is an odd one, sounds like someone really, really found the social commentary of ‘walking tall’ profound, rather than just stumping for more ticket sales. i wonder if it worked?)

        • christian Says:

          Considering this was the lo-budget sleeper of ’73, raking in over 20 million dollars, the management obviously had the best interests of the public at heart.

  3. Wow, to have been able to see VANISHING POINT on the big screen back in the day…

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