The Japan Syndrome

It’s scary to watch the walls of a nuclear reactor explode. I’ve always been opposed to nuclear energy since I was a tyke — like I said, Godzilla films taught me to be scared shitless of atomic experimentation — and I also recall the valid fear and threat of Three-Mile Island along with the successful shutdown of the Rancho Seco plant near Sacramento in 1989. Given the vast destructive possibilities of radioactive power gone awry in an age of global terrorism, building giant bombs on fault lines around the world seems like sheer madness. I pray the radiation is decreasing as TEPCO now claims, but given their history of falsifying records, along with the Japanese government ignoring warnings, we’ll wait and see. Hopefully this event will launch a needed dialogue abut the wisdom of these dangerous energy sources. “Nobody expected a quake of that magnitude” is what the nuclear powers that be are saying in Japan. We’ve heard this sad song too many times. Given the choice between candlelight and melting — I’ll take candlelight.


2 Responses to “The Japan Syndrome”

  1. Wise words on the folly of nuclear power. The risks and cost far outweigh the benefit, but the alternative would mean much higher prices for the electronic lifestyle most first-world nations now enjoy. I’d be OK with it, but it’s a matter of convincing everyone that the good of the many outweighs the desires of the few. And no one considers themselves the many. Well, most people don’t. Most other people. Not me. I’m special (see what I did there?)

    • christian Says:

      I think we’ll be easier to convince now. And again, the staggering levels of Stupid as represented by the GOP — who voted to cut Tsunami Warning funding and are trying to stop EPA regulations — are on full display. If this nation doesn’t boot these fools to the curb….but then Obama and the Dems need to recall the past and NO NUKES.

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