Friday Song: Dave Brubeck

My favorite Dave Brubeck LP, 1964’s “Jazz Impressions of Japan” is a formerly more obscure release now rediscovered and better appreciated by a new generation. Written during a tour of the nation, highlighting the iconic Brucbeckian twinkling piano and Eugene Wright’s subtle bass with Paul Desmond’s wistful sax rhythmed by Joe Morello’s soft drums, the whole eight song musical diary aptly reflects the gaijin observer’s POV of zencool Japan, a wet city twined with neon and bonsai, bustling with exotic energy. Although my personal favorite piece, “The City Is Crying,” is not well represented on youtube, here is a beautifully shot live version of the band from 1964 performing the lovely, “Koto’s Song” — the one tune from this fantastic record that became a standard in Brubeck’s everlasting reservoir.

2 Responses to “Friday Song: Dave Brubeck”

  1. Wonderful jazz piece.

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