Saturday Nite Super Moon Teaser


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  1. A weird Bond film, generally poo-poo’d even though it’s not all that worse than THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, and is without question a vast improvement over the dreadful LIVE AND LET DIE.

    In his mid-1970s wide necktie and liesure suits (even though the film came out at the end of the decade, thereby negating its fashion sense), stuffy Roger looks like a kid about to make his Communion. When he fakes a cough to get Holly’s attention for their ridiculous meet-cute, Bond comes off like a doddering old man. And, is it me, or does Moore bear a facial resemble an overcooked hot dog?

    The character of Jaws has always puzzled me, moreso than J.W. Pepper, in that I wondered then, as I do now, who would find him at all funny. When he flaps his imaginary wings into the circus tent below, I wonder if Cubby Broccoli had suffered early dementia.

    Unlike the Connery Bonds which created trends, the Moore films aped those created by others — in this case, the ho-hum adventure movies of the era masquerading as SF (re: STAR WARS, STAR TREK).

    MOONRAKER does, however, contain one of John Barry’s best scores, one that I’ve played often over the years.

    • christian Says:

      My trap worked — sprinkle a Bond poster and wait for the comment bait!

      Since I saw this in the theater when I as a wee Bond fan, but not the hardcore Flemingphile I became later, I accepted this as a comedy adventure flick. Amazing how lucky the Bond novels were to always have something to reflect time and culture — and folks forget that MOONRAKER was the most successful 007 film up to that point.

      I think SPY WHO LOVED ME is much better, at least plays it more serious and felt like a mix of an old Bond spectacular with the new Moore age. But this one has John Barry, even though I don’t much like the theme song.

      I always liked Jaws, even though his character is ridiculous in MOONRAKER but it’s a testament to how incredibly popular he was that they brought him back – and made him a good guy (never mind all those folks he brutally murdered as MAD magazine pointed out in their “Moneyraker” parody).

      But one thing I liked about the Moore Bonds is that the villain’s deaths were actually more satisfying than any of Connery’s Bonds. The best part of MOONRAKER is probably Drax’s demise – “Take a giant step for Mankind.”

      And don’t get me started on “Holly Goodhead” — even Ian Fleming groaned from beyond the veil.

  2. It always fascinates me how the Bond movies work differently on so many people. (For what it’s worth, I think Barry’s MOONRAKER theme is one of the best in the series.) A lot may have to do with whatever actor or film we see at a certain age (in 1965 when I was eight, THUNDERBALL blew me through the roof — and I made sure not to miss any of its reissue double features).

    I will give you this: Jaws is a very slight improvement over J.W. Pepper.

    Also, my previous comment got hit by typos. The sentence should have read:

    “And, is it me, or does Moore bear a facial resemblance to an overcooked hot dog?”

    Which he does.

    • christian Says:

      I actually love the instrumental disco version of the MOONRAKER theme; I’ll have to revisit the film and see how I feel – I honestly haven’t seen it since its debut and there was never a need to revisit; my memory of the scenes are all the broad comedy: the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS keyboard theme (huge laugh); Bond in sombrero; Jaws and his paramour rushing to each other. Then there’s serious scenes like Corine Clery’s vicious death by dog. I don’t want to think of that hot dog image.

      • christian Says:

        But that’s still a boss teaser poster.

        And it was nice to go back to the awesome soundtrack again. The opening bars to the disco theme haunt me forever and I love the orchestrated versions of the riff here:

  3. the only thing i really remember about this crappy movie is the awesome space blaster that my parents got me for christmas…

  4. another thing about this movie i really hated is how they tried to blend french popular movies with the bondesque romanticism. a huge fail, comparable to the terrible last NEW AVENGERS season set in france, where english suavity was drowned in silly french antics. france loves england style so much they try to accaparate it and submit it to our pale sense of style and humor. pathetic.

    • christian Says:

      Interesting, never saw it that way before. Now is time for a widescreen re-view. I did think the Corinne Clery dog death scene is pretty hardcore for such a silly Bond film – “The Story Of 007” ….now come on, that’s pretty brilliant.

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