Mecha Fail

While I wish the planet’s energies were going to find a solution to the ongoing nuclear nightmare in Japan whose reactor meltdown seems inevitable — TEPCO has a huge amount of ‘splaining to do, their stonewalling so obvious (yet keeping with corporate character) it defies reason. I’ve been shouting WHERE ARE THE FUCKING ROBOTS? since this horrorshow began, and in a land where mech-fetish and imagination is at its height, one would think a Gundam-style robot could perform the most dangerous tasks. The US is finally sending robots to the reactors, but this should have happened immediately. And the federal technology we perfect for war is so lacking when it comes to industrial accidents. Or to put it more plain, the companies would rather risk lives and trillions instead of a billion on safety. We have the technology. When Tokyo tap water is radiated, you’re in a new frightening age. So Bring On The Robots. Other nations are now rethinking their nuclear plans (DUH) and hopefully America will follow suit. Hopefully.


8 Responses to “Mecha Fail”

  1. that’s a very good point about the robots, what on earth took them so long? can anything stop a full-blown meltdown at this point? it’s almost hard to believe it’s even real, like a slow-motion nightmare, i can’t even imagine the quiet panic the people of (particular northern) japan are feeling.

    my boy and i were talking about it (quite distressing for kids), and he said it’s like a modern-day godzilla scenario — the radiation contaminating the sea will cause mutations and then one day a monster is going to rise up out of the water and march thru modern-day japan against the backdrop of the complete devastation from the tsunami, terrorising the already frightened, grief-stricken people along the way to his final assault on tokyo. this felt strangely and horrible apt.

    • christian Says:

      Nobody really knows what to do at this point it’s quite clear. Besides wait. Slow-motion nightmare is right – where is the global coalition to contain this?

      And gee, did TEPCO really think they were going to re-use these reactors:

      Japan is to decommission four stricken reactors at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant, the operator says. Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) made the announcement three weeks after failing to bring reactors 1 – 4 under control. Locals would be consulted on reactors 5 and 6, which were shut down safely.

      • not only should those reactors be decommissioned, TEPCO should be decommissioned. after many years of fraud and skulduggery and corruption and incompetence – and now their deplorable ‘saving face’ behaviour in trying to manage on their own one of the worst nuke disasters in living memory – their right to run power plants using the most dangerous, toxic substances on earth has well and truely expired.

        • christian Says:

          They are looking at a series of lawsuits that should put them under. And the worst thing is their cultural inability to ask for outside help IMMEDIATELY – tho I say it was EPIC WORLD FAIL that we didn’t go in there ourselves to assist. Sorry folks, you’re fucking up the world here with these reactors.

          • yes. and nuclear power plants being built on/near the earth’s major fault lines is unvarnished MADNESS.

            i think you mentioned christian and i also heard on one of the news cycles that at least some of the reactors in california, built very close to fault lines in one of the most seismically active regions in the world, are only built to withstand a magnitude 7.9 quake. WTF????? that is fucking insane. talk about being in complete denial of the very real possibility of a ‘worst case scenario’ quake over mag 8, it just boggles the mind.

  2. j n johnson Says:

    seriously!!! it’s amazing the common man can come up with simple solutions & plans but the people & corporations that actually are in charge of said reactors seem to think of only making more money or some other hidden agenda

  3. drat, the columns got too skinny.

    that ‘we never expected blank in the blank’ remark reminds me of some tool on CNN who said re: the disaster in japan while defending the placement of the power plants there, something to the effect of, “no one could have predicted the double whammy of a massive quake and devastating tsunami.”


    anyone who knows anything about nippon and its history is aware that the country lies over one of the most seismically active subduction zones on the planet, and according to historical records, oral tradition and even the artwork dating back to early japanese civilisation, the country has AWLAYS been extremely susceptible to powerful quakes and devastating tsunamis. this disaster, while extreme, was ENTIRELY predicable. many experts are saying a nuke plant should never have been built on that coast, which has a long history of tsunamis because of its proximity to the subduction zone just off the coast. this whole ‘who’d a thunk it?” breathlessness is ignorant nonsense/denial.

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