Strike In

Full disclosure: I’ve been published in The Huffington Post. I didn’t receive money, nor did I expect to. The chance to expose SKIDOO to the world and help pimp the screening was reward enough, plus the admitted cache of getting a byline in one of the top sites in the world. I was a fan of Ariana Huffington when she renounced her former conservative ways of the 1990’s, assisting pal Newt Gingrich in his attempt to destroy Bill Clinton (who sadly helped them along). People change, or evolve. Redemption. I’m for it. Though I wish Huffington would have exposed the Enron-backed scandal behind the wretched rigged Gray Davis recall of 2001 instead of opposing Schwarzennegger for Governor, I liked her moxie. She soon became a more upfront “progressive” and foe of the corporatists. Sometimes her populism came off questionable, especially when dropping names at some Eco-Benefit  (“Chef Jordan served up a mouth-watering shrimp salad as Laurie David spoke passionately about the dangers of global warming. I noticed even Bill Maher and his gorgeous date had tears in their eyes. Great party.”) Then I and others noticed a disturbing trend at The Huffington Post of misleading headlines, often designed to make real progressives look bad, like Dennis Kucinich (ooo, he saw a UFO!) and when Obama became President, a litany of attacks, misinformation and self-serving outrages such as demanding VP Biden step down over Afghanistan. Slimey conservative media hit-man Andrew Breitbart worked with Huffington, and it soon became clear that Arianna was just an opportunist wearing this season’s cloak of “progressivism” until her next chameleon shift. With the new decade, Huffington merged with AOL, announcing it in the standard corporatespeak (“A merger of visions…this moment will be for HuffPost like stepping off a fast-moving train and onto a supersonic jet…”) and thus endeth her brief role as media progressive, beginning her tenure as centrist corporatist, denying the site was ever “lefty” in a jaw-dropping display of amnesia, and now claiming we have to go “beyond left and right.” She had no sense of irony when AOL laid off 900 people in the wake of the merger, nor a sense of gratitude to her many unpaid bloggers who helped build up her site. Bill Maher and Jon Stewart duly kissed her ass over the deal, as she often goes unchallenged for her reversals in the popular media. So I’m glad Jonathan Tasini’s lawsuit against her and the strike by The Newspaper Guild is getting some attention, primarily because it puts her in a position to defend her actions and reveals her real contempt for the “little people” as witness her witless responses: “Go ahead, go on strike.” We’ll see whether Richard Trumpka of the AFL/CIO will cross the virtual picket line for The Huffiington Post and in an age where workers are standing up for their dwindling rights, I’m always going to stand with my brother and sister writers, no matter how Quixotic.


4 Responses to “Strike In”

  1. Wise decision, christian.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Christian. I read the Huffpost daily and while I generally like it, I am growing a little tired of the misleading, sensationalistic headlines in general.

    • christian Says:

      I also thought the “We’re gonna lose the House and Senate!!!!” headlines were attempts to actual depress voter turnout with a meme.

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