We need the eggs…

The Easter Bunny actually brought me an entire box of beautifully wrapped Topps ALIEN cards when I was a post-stomach burster. I still have the cards and box, minus the wrappers. So when I found a retro-diner in SF that actually sells individual packs of Topps bubble-gum cards…Happy Easter!


4 Responses to “We need the eggs…”

  1. THE FUTURIST! has some original PLANET OF THE APES cards. A full set of BATMAN (1989) and THE ROCKETEER.

    • christian Says:

      This diner had a phat box of THE ROCKETEER cards.

      And GROWING PAINS. What kid bought GROWING PAINS cards?

  2. One Christmas I got an original set of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK trading cards. Man, I hadn’t seen those since I was a kid. Used to have old school STAR WARS trading cards many moons ago.

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