Birther Of A Nation

Have you ever witnessed a political party dedicated to such bigotry and ignorance? It’s Stupid Days we are living in, and the re-ascension of the 80’s real estate fame whore Donald Trump into America’s living room is another depressing phenom. How can a guy whose biggest claim to fame is telling people “YOU’RE FIRED!” supposed to rescue the economy? I knew Trump was a creep when I read his book back in the day and he gloated over an artist friend who was ripping buyers off with mass-produced paintings. The GOP really double-downs on their idiocracy, so when Sarah Palin proves unpopular with a majority of Americans, they continue to hold her up as a representative of the Republicans. The demand to release Obama’s long form birth certificate stems from a group of frothing racist loons, and he fulfilled all the paperwork requirement as with every other president — so there was no reason to give imbalanced folks like Orly Taitz and WND what they screamed for. But the GOP leaders don’t want to lose votes, so they played along, as did their FOX/AM media soldiers. And the pathetic corporate news never called them out for what they are: bigots and racists outraged a black man with a foreign name is President Of The United States. That’s it. End of story, Anderson Cooper (a pompous twit). So Obama again showed he’s the adult in a room of mewling infants and released the paperwork that still won’t satisfy the loons – but it beautifully shut them up and if they want to keep flying their racist flag, they stand to alienate even more otherwise sane Americans. Lawrence O’Donnell delivered an EPIC blistering challenge to NBC to release the information about Trump returning for another season of his “fake reality show” and then he took on Orly Taitz — who really is mental. Watch the whole thing and take a little solace in the blowback against a coterie of bigots and fools who have been exposed for once and all.


9 Responses to “Birther Of A Nation”

  1. This issue has been a barely veiled racist assault from the beginning. Unfortunately, given what went on during the 2008 Presidential campaign, it’s not surprising the GOP made it their un-official post-election tactic. I lay this at their feet. Orly Taitz, Trump, and this sad lot are just the messengers. Still, good to see O’Donnell rip into them. Thanks, christian.

  2. I sometimes wonder if Obama’s people waited so long as a deliberate tactic. Let the birthers waste their time and energy on this shit and then then pop! — stick a needle in their bubble. Gotta be a real kick in the nuts.

    • christian Says:

      I don’t believe that for a second — specially since Rove has accused Obama’s team of that very thing. I think Obama can’t believe these idiots are for real so why cater to them? Plus, he already provided the real birth certificate – the long form isn’t even the required one.

      The GOP just double-down on their madness. Repeatedly.

      I’m voting for Obama again JUST TO PROVE A POINT now.

  3. It’s not like we have much of a choice. We all have our gripes about what Obama has and hasn’t achieved, but what are the alternatives?

    I never expected him to be the great progressive hope, anyway. I just knew that the other guys were dangerous dolts who’d (continue to) severely fuck us if given the chance, and that he was more charismatic than Hillary and thus more likely to win.

    It was, and is, a no-brainer.

    • christian Says:

      In the end, the GOP always overreach and Obama moves around them and exposes their idiocy.

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