Obama Trumps Osama

12 Responses to “Obama Trumps Osama”

  1. Frank B Says:

    Wait, are you kidding? You don’t really mean…better head over to BBC News.

    Hooooooooooooleee shit!!! And to think, I heard it here first! Barry sent him a love letter, straight from his heart!!!

    Of course, any conceivable death is too quick for the bastard. If anyone deserved to be buried alive, legs crushed, dehydrating slowly over the course of days, it was him. Still, good riddance. (And it had better really be him, dammit.)

    I think I’ll head over to Freerepublic to see how they try to spin it out of Obama’s favor. This should be fun.

    Yippee ki yay and burn in hell, motherfucker! And to all a good night!

  2. Frank B Says:

    You might enjoy this:

  3. that link is pretty damn amusing, frankb. i hope you don’t mind if i send it to a couple mates for a laugh…

    and pakistan, you have some splainin’ to do!!!

    the boogieman living large in a huge fancy-pants compound there right under their noses — either someone’s known all along, playing both ends against the middle, or they’re ridiculously incompetent fools. i tend to think nobody could be that inept. i wonder what tipped it in ‘our’ favour, i wonder if we’ll ever find out exactly how it went down. i heard on the news that the top secret mission was the culmination of an operation that began with a tip last august, so if that’s indeed the case they would appear to have taken their time to make sure they don’t fuck it up.

    also i wanted to ask, and maybe it’s just me being ignorant, but does it seem at all weird to anyone else that his body was buried at sea? is that because navy seals were involved (what i heard anyway, don’t even know if that’s accurate) and that’s navy protocol or some such, a final ‘screw you maniac, drift anonymously in the deep dark cold for all eternity without place or name’? just wondering why burial at sea. it almost seems too respectful for someone so toxic.

    • christian Says:

      Sometimes hiding in plain sight works.


      It’s a failure or collusion.

      The burial at sea is in accordance with Muslim law — the next thing that will drive the GOP into a froth. I have no problem with this — if it was a film a right-wing audience would say, “That’s how great we are as a nation — rising above a mass murderer.”

      Of course, the question as to who why these mass murderers tend to have worked with our nation is another story…

      • I’m so fucking glad he was buried in accordance with Muslim law.

        My wife’s uncle was in the World Trade Center that morning. His body was never recovered — probably part of all that ash and dust blowing onto spectators’ clothing in the days and weeks that followed. He was a Christian, unfortunately denied a proper Christian burial. But since Christianity isn’t exactly trending among cafĂ© society these days, I guess we’ll just have suck it up.

        But I’m so fucking glad we’re not insulting the “faith” of the barbarians who wiped him out. I’m so fucking glad we’re not rocking their delicate sensibilities.

        • christian Says:

          I’m sorry about your wife’s uncle. So sad and awful.

          Let’s face it: the primary reason they dumped him in the drink is to keep his body from falling into the hands of martyr-makers.

  4. Frank B Says:

    I had the same thought, Leah. It does seem a bit fishy that nobody noticed ObL right there in their midst. I’m sure we’ll learn much, MUCH more about it in the coming days, right down to what he had in the fridge. I’m already getting sick of the subject.

    Speaking of Trump being toast, did you guys see any clips from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner? Americans are unlikely to vote for a guy who sits there like Buster Keaton as he’s being ribbed. If you’re gonna be in politics, you’d better learn to at least appear good-natured.

    • christian Says:

      I think there’s a lot of case histories of those hiding in plain sight.

      Trump’s political career was wiped out in the span of three days.


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