Friday Song: The B-52’s

1990. Dawn of a new global decade. Video cameras and compact disc. Writing and filming. Reading poesy to taut hipsters at Drago’s. Cruising downtown in a ’64 Cadillac. Big bucks data-entry at the porn store. Lingering conversations over beers and iced coffee at bars and cafes. LSD, Zelda’s pizza and bootleg movies on eternal Friday nights. Saturdays of record and comic book shops. Late cocktails at incense apartments. Fly into the Land Of The Rising Sun. The B-52’s bounce back into the cultural landscape with their biggest record, “Cosmic Thing.” Walk away from soul-crushing job. Drift through midtown days of warm tree shadowed streets. Lazy dreams of the vast future coming soon…


2 Responses to “Friday Song: The B-52’s”

  1. LSD in 1990? Dude, you’re hardcore. My last taste was in 1979 — San Francisco for a showing of that new film playing up in North Beach, APOCALYPSE NOW. Riding home afterward on a Triumph, still tripping, trying to be jazzed about a movie that sorta let me down. And me, a full-time member of the Dead Beat Club. Just ask any of the bartenders I owed money to. (Still do!)

    • christian Says:

      I would be weeping on my mommy’s lap if I had dosed in 79;]

      I can’t imagine seeing APOCALYPSE NOW in SF while trippin’. And that it disappointed you is something even the acid couldn’t help. But it might have hurt…

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