Friday Song: Pizzicato Five

Here’s my soundtrack to Long Beach la vida loco 1994, the extreme Japanese pop cavortings of Pizzicato Five, whose hit single “Twiggy Twiggy vs James Bond” pretty much tells you all you need to know about the band. Singer Maki Nomiya captures the 60’s and 90’s joi de vivre a go-go interpreted through the usual fascinating Nippon sound spectacular. Here’s the super gear video for “Sweet Soul Revue” which features the band at their most retro. Living in the LBC down the street from Snoop Dogg D was a profoundly awesome yet depressing period of my life and this is the music that pulled me through the blue days and dark nights. Domo!

5 Responses to “Friday Song: Pizzicato Five”

  1. Wow, I haven’t thought about these guys in ages! I got into them around the same time as Cibo Matto, which is also a fantastic band.

  2. OT but i’m digging the new TD70 banner

  3. Frank B Says:

    This band always reminds me of my girlfriend from that period. We used to listen to these guys and Cibbo Matto. And Tricky, Funki Porcini, Massive Attack…all that stuff. Great late night martini music. She even looked a bit like the singer, though she was Filipina rather than Japanese. Slim, tiny, stylish…

    I believe she’s married now . Decided for some crazy reason that she didn’t want to stick around and watch me reenact LEAVING LAS VEGAS.


    Now look what you’ve done.

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