Favorite Title Theatre: Super Fuzz (1980)

I saw this Italian Sergio Corbucci (NAVAJO JOE; DJANGO) import, retitled SUPER FUZZ (aka SUPERSNOOPER) for the US market, at the late great Roseville Tower Theatre on a memorable double bill with BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. The ads for this were everywhere, and one of the defining exploitation images of this era was Terence Hill and a smoking bullet between his grin. The film co-stars Ernest Borgnine as his beleagured partner and Bond heavy Marc Lawrence as another gangster. Hill had been pushed for international stardom after his success in MY NAME IS NOBODY, but his unrefined, often dubbed voice couldn’t translate to American audiences. SUPER FUZZ is a light, cheap, sometimes clever, pastiche that I watched repeatedly on HBO. I’ve never seen GRANDE ILLUSION but I’ve sat through SUPER FUZZ about eight times. Maybe it’s that catchy synthesizer theme…Or Ernie Borgnine dancing triumphant on a balloon…


7 Responses to “Favorite Title Theatre: Super Fuzz (1980)”

  1. Next up for rediscovery: MR. BILLION.

    Then again… maybe not…

    • christian Says:

      After seeing the trailer and reading some reviews, I’ll wind my way to it someday. Jonathan Kaplan directed so there’s got to be something. I think he goes into detail about it in a SHOCK CINEMA interview…

  2. Whoa, love the new (double) side bar of old movie ads. Nice!

  3. i must have seen this movie 50 times. my father had it on a VHS, and i grinded it to the core when i was a kid. i love it. i’m not alone. it s a relief.

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