Super 8


5 Responses to “Super 8”

  1. thinking about the whole ‘super 8’ phenom brought back to the fore by the new movie, it’s weird to think my boy and his little crew make their movies using an old canon XL1– in 50 years time what will the kids be mucking around/cutting their teeth with? it kinda freaks me out. they’re so cavalier about their tech, too, i fiind myself wanting to shout at them, “back in my day we had to walk all day in the snow barefoot just to film 2 minutes of footage which took 3 months to develop!” little shits, don’t know how lucky they are! (but they make some hilarious movies, so creative and bizarre, so bless them and the canon)

    • christian Says:

      And my second Super 8 camera was a Canon…with my first single-frame button! But if was a kid today, Cripes, you could make an epic on your laptop. And yes, we had to preserve every frame so I often rehearsed my stop-motion figures…

  2. yes, it’s scary how fast the boy can edit a short together just on ‘final cut’. he recently did a stop-mo short in movie school about this little m&m man (which started out as a drink bottle) traveling around the neighbourhood looking for a friend, but nobody wants him because he’s a weird little m&m man, and at the end he springs a leak, ‘bleeds out’ (his water) and dies alone in the playground, so sad and a little disturbing to boot…

    • christian Says:

      That sounds amazing.

      My animated films were less ambitious – Boba Fett fighting clay monsters or blood spraying from my patented blood-spraying device.

  3. oh, i didn’t mean to make it sound like some amazing effort, just really, really strange (i bet your little blood-spattered stop-mo battles were plenty cool)

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