“Midnight In Paris” Je T’amie

Woody Allen always defies his detractors, some whom like to write essays or articles every few years on how he’s no longer relevant or has lost his audience, despite the fact that the recent MATCH POINT and VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA were two of his biggest hits ever. We can debate as to the values of his individual films over the past decades, but he comes out with one a year, and every third one tends to be memorable. The fact is, Allen is America’s greatest living filmmaker, one of the culture’s rare satirists, and I’m glad he continues to delight and surprise with his latest fantasy — one day he’ll be acknowledged as the genre director he always has been — the buoyant MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. Bon appetit.


6 Responses to ““Midnight In Paris” Je T’amie”

  1. “(Woody) Allen is America’s greatest living filmmaker…” Thank you! I’m constantly stumped at the derision heaped upon Woody for his later (less funny?) films for a number of reasons number one being that so many of his later films are great. Whatever. I like’em and hope he keeps churning them out (at least) one a year. I’ll be there.

    • christian Says:

      It’s weird the critical revisionism in regards to Allen. He’s made more masterpieces than most famous deceased directors. People will miss him when he’s not turning out a film a year….

  2. BTW, Marion Cotillard looks delightful in the photo. So’s the movie.

  3. i m moving back to paris ! come and see me this autumn ! beautiful season for nice seine strolls… come on, you know you want it…

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