Saturday Nite Triple Feature


6 Responses to “Saturday Nite Triple Feature”

  1. I’ll bring the beer!

  2. christian Says:

    Beer? Hell, son, wait til you get a load of my uncle’s Moonshine Mountain…You won’t even remember if you saw Burt at all!

  3. “White Lightning” is a genuine suspense thriller with a magnificent turn by Ned Beatty as a blood-soaked sadistic Southern Sheriff. He scared me shitless when I saw this in the theater as a kid. The placid (seeming) opening scene is chilling once you realize what’s really going on. Burt’s pretty great as an ex-con seeking revenge for his brother’s murder. Fantastic car chases, too. Shame this one has been lumped in with Burt’s other cornpone films. “Oh well, the good die young.”

  4. love those old b-n-w movie advert sheets, they’re an american treasure.

    re: burt’s pectoral muscle, sorry to be blind and/or stupid but is that a police badge floating/pinned to his flesh there? (!)

  5. christian Says:

    Bob – what you said. I can’t believe it’s not available in a good widescreen version. The movie is soaked in atmosphere. The sequel, GATOR, is pretty interesting too, with Reynolds directing and it’s almost like a Tarantino film: comedy bits with Alice Ghostly and Jack Weston mixed with brutal killings and a long odd scene with Reynolds and a junkie girl. Jerry Reed is a fantastic villain in it too. And I loved the Bond-esque poster.

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