Friday Song: Chad & Jeremy

One of the loveliest pop reveries of the 1960’s remains Chad & Jeremy’s “A Summer Song” from 1964, on the tail of their popular baroque folk hits such as “Yesterday’s Gone” (arranged by one John Barry). Chad & Jeremy were more adventurous than their radio songs suggest, culminating in their full-blown psychedelic and woefully titled 1967, “Of Cabbages and Kings” but their gentle, melancholy and introspective sound captures a unique era. This is still one of my favorite songs, well-used by Wes Anderson in RUSHMORE (1998), and filled with the wistful nostalgia that captures those memories of summer things past…


4 Responses to “Friday Song: Chad & Jeremy”

  1. Kudos. Still one of my favorite summer songs of the 60s, christian. I know, I was there… and had the worn thin 45 to prove it ;-).

  2. I only remember these guys from the Adam West Batman series. Up until now I thought they were a made for TV act. :)

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