NBC Sunday Night At The Movies ’87

This is one of the coolest television premiere intros ever for obvious reasons.


5 Responses to “NBC Sunday Night At The Movies ’87”

  1. One of the coolest intros… like ever. Awesome they got James Earl Jones to voice this.

  2. christian Says:

    And the world tv premiere only seven years later!

  3. Frank B Says:

    Never saw any of the SW films on broadcast TV. The whole idea just seems weird to me. Star Wars with commercial breaks?

    Man, even watching this, it’s apparent the second film is leaps and bounds above the others in terms of style. It’s a real movie. As I’m sure you know, George actually complained about the amount of time Kershner took, saying it didn’t need to be that good.

    While we’re on the topic, did you read about David Prowse being officially banned from SW conventions, despite the fact that he relies on the income? (Oops, didn’t mean to turn this into a Lucas-bashing thread. He just makes it so easy…)

    • christian Says:

      I watched it the first time for the novelty. Twas a big deal with the actors appearing betwixt breaks as I recall…

      I love TESB but it doesn’t take anything from STAR WARS since without its iconic impact the sequel would have meant little…I just read an old Prowse interview from 77 where he complains about other actors making appearances as Vader in the states so his beef goes
      way back…

  4. I have a lot of nostalgia for movies on network TV like this. It was a big deal, and we’d all gather around and watch, and talk about what we liked during the commercials. Before we had a VCR, before Sy-Fy showed marathons, this was an event night, and I loved every minute of it when it happened. The same with the yearly broadcast of Wizard of Oz. Thanks for the reminder!

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