Arcade Fire

7 Responses to “Arcade Fire”

  1. those arcade games are bonza. sadly i’m not allowed to play any variation of ‘pacman’ due to my seeming ability to go 67 hours w/out eating, drinking, moving or even blinking while munching little dots in a maze in a zombie-like trance forsaking family, gainful employment and sustenance required for survival (i know a guy who has one of those arcade consoles above – or one very similar at any rate – in his games room, but it’s ‘space invaders’, anyone remember space invaders? also he has ‘pong’, bloody hell, blip…blip…blip…little vertical bars and a bouncing dot…the gaming graphics are just a TAD better nowadays

    • christian Says:

      I always hated Pac-Man but developed a fondness for the Ms. Why?

      Space Invaders is a classic of course (and soon to be a major motion picture) and many of those arcade games still stand the test of time such as Donkey Kong and Asteroids…Pong has been around forever and hard to believe that video games were already hot in the early 70’s…I mean, whoda thunk that TRON would have a sequel two decades later….BLIP.

  2. frankenbooth Says:

    Such a silly ad — but the truth is, I used to stand around watching a buddy play Dragon’s Lair just to look at the animation.

    Guess we were all more easily amused then. Nowadays, I can barely get through a movie without continually interrupting it to text/ get online and look up anything that pops into my head, especially if I’m watching on the laptop. (But never in a theater, of course. Phone is off — ALL THE WAY OFF — the minute the lights go down. Theater texters should be keelhauled through an oil spill.

    • christian Says:

      We would all stand around and watch the game action unfold – -as kids still do today. With better blips!

  3. “Space Invaders is a classic of course (and soon to be a major motion picture)”

    the frightening thing is that’s not a joke

    (i’m looking forward to the live-action version of ‘hungry hungry hippos’ starring charlize theron as the scrappy south afrikan environmental activist lost in the jungle, with cameos by mandela and fw le klerk)

    then pick-up sticks with elle fanning set in the gritty world of ‘street-sticks’

  4. sorry fw DE klerk, typo

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