Requiescat In Pace

While the nation is hijacked by a gaggle of ideological extremists who should make America question the electoral process and how media has fragmented the culture to where insanity goes unchecked and rewarded, I thought it time to honor the legacy of three recently departed filmmakers: Robert Blossoms, one of the most prolific, under-known characters actors who starred in Bob Clark’s disturbing Ed Gein bio, DERANGED (1974) but became a Spielberg favorite in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1978) as the bigfoot seer who holds up the “Stop And Be Friendly” sign and in AMAZING STORIES and ALWAYS (1989); befriended Maculey Caulkin in HOME ALONE (1990) and never stopped working. G.D. Spradlin was the archetypal 1970’s uptight asshole, either as crooked senator in THE GODFATHER PART II (1974) to the coach in ONE ON ONE (1978) or the benevolent malevolent General in APOCALYPSE NOW (1980) to the Baptist minister who funds PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE in ED WOOD (1993). Polly Platt was the co-writer and production designer for her husband Peter Bogdanovich’s TARGETS, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW and shepherded BOTTLE ROCKET and BROADCAST NEWS to the screen among her litany of credits. I had the pleasure of seeing her speak a couple times and she represents the fearless integrity of the fabled New Cinema and beyond. RIP.

2 Responses to “Requiescat In Pace”

  1. G.D. Spradlin was also the Nixonian Head Coach in the great & very underrated “North Dallas Forty” with Nick Nolte. “We LET you score a touchdown!” R.I.P., sir.

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