Obama Versus The Liberal Hipsters

Here’s a wise anonymous comment I pilfered from online:

“Liberals are turning into the “hipsters” of the political world. As soon as one of their “bands” gets big, they scream “sell-out!” and turn on it. It’s not “cool” to like Obama anymore, so they bond over their hatred of him. And then they cry if they’re not appreciated for it.”


I note that the constant gnashing of teeth in the liberal blogosphere over Obama is in direct proportion to the amount of naive HOPE some folks placed in him. I, being a realist, saw him for exactly who he was and is: a centrist Democrat pragmatic. And given the absolute bugfuck wave of attacks coming from the GOP and the insani-T Party, the undisguised bigotry and racism leveled at the first black president, I’m duty-bound to support him, despite the fact that I haven’t adored every decision. Liberals are always their worst enemy and despite the fact that Obama took out Trump and Bin Laden in ONE WEEKEND, passed historic (imperfect) health care and repealed DADT while presiding over the nation’s first legal gay marriage, the self-loathing defeatism of many on the left is senseless and dispiriting. The corporate media refuses to highlight his achievements in the name of some bullshit “both sides” equivalence while the billionaires on the right use all of their resources to take this country back to 1955. And the same liberals who sat out the 2010 election helped the Tea Party into power. Thanks! Apparently, they won’t be happy until President Romney and VP Bachmann are in the White House — then they’ll have something to really bitch about. To paraphrase Bill Hicks, “I’d give up too if it didn’t mean becoming one of you.” And yes, this is the last time you’ll see a LOLCat here.


8 Responses to “Obama Versus The Liberal Hipsters”

  1. You nailed it, christian.

  2. “And the same liberals who sat out the 2010 election helped the Tea Party into power.”

    The one big problem with liberals is that too many of them don’t vote. They’d rather win an argument than win an election.

    • christian Says:

      I actually believe they’d rather be angry and depressed to refuel the fire. I get the idea but the results are disastrous.

  3. Christian,
    I think we’ll be lucky if the Billionaire Club only takes us back to 1955–it seems to me like they’re aiming at 1655.
    Good essay,

  4. Yep! Well said, Christian. Some of the blood of this debacle is on the hands of the very people you mentioned (who now scream & cry that Obama is a weakling. Christ on a fucking crutch! THEY deserted the President in his & our time of need. Makes me sick).

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the 8:45pm showing of “White Lightning” at the Bayou theater! “Ah’m only scared a two things.”

    • christian Says:

      The right-wing call him a marxistmuslimdcommunist and the left call him no different than Bush. Crazy.

      Save me a parking lot at the Bayou – I have to pick up a fresh jug…

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