Labor Day Song: Interior

The gentrification of acoustic/instrumental “new age” music began with Will Ackerman’s Windham Hill music, a genuine grassroots label that became a major music player in the 1980’s, especially thanks to best-selling pianist, George Winston (whose 1972 “Ballads and Blues” is essential road trip muzak). As a devotee of electronic and instrumental music ala Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, I was always a little underwhelmed by Windham Hill’s soft selections, which were more suited to NPR bumper breaks. But I adored their design scheme, each album cover a model of minimalist tone poem, the single evocative Zen image a wistful metaphor for the music. My favorite WH releases included Billy Oskay and Michael O’Domhnaill’s folk-celtic sounds of Nightnoise, Ira Stein and Russell Walder’s travel soundtrack, “Transit” and the Japanese oh-so-80’s synth sonic of Interior, whose self-named debut is represented here by the atmospheric tune, “Hot Beach.” I love this ascending theme that reminds me of the wonderful release of Friday evening, the promise of weekend freedom…

2 Responses to “Labor Day Song: Interior”

  1. Fine selection, christian. “Ira Stein and Russell Walder’s travel soundtrack, “Transit”…” happens to be one of my faves, too.

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