Save The Earth! Eco-Horror Spooktacular Teaser

As a perfect prelude to SHOCKTOBER, I’m honored to be presenting a night of Eco-Dystopic Chills and Thrills on Saturday, October 29 at the world-famous Other Cinema located at 992 Valencia St in the City of Heart, San Francisco. This will be my third excursion into cinematic genre archeology at the OC thanks to Craig Baldwin’s kind bequest and support. So expect a lot of pimping in the following weeks. As Leah said, I’ve been “Wizard Busy” whipping this show up, a kinetic survey of 1970’s environmental anomie via radiated flesh-burrowing worms, giant man-eating rabbits and Japanese sludge monsters. In other words, FUN. But with a serious theme. Like “Save The Earth!” Any SF browsers of the blog should show up and I’ll buy you a drink. Toxic, of course…

19 Responses to “Save The Earth! Eco-Horror Spooktacular Teaser”

  1. shocktober, yay!

    (and the ‘eco-horrror spooktacular’; i was going to try having a go at roll-calling the origin flicks from the teaser but i’m afraid i’ll blow a fuse in my melon. looks awesome, break a leg in san fran and all that. doesn’t frank booth reside there? three words: pabst blue ribbon; try to give him some kind of frilly umbrella cocktail and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a psychotic lippy-smearing facial. wish i could be there for the night, still saving up for my private jet, figure i’ve only got about 40 more years to go)

    • If you can name all the films, I’ll set up a fund to get you over to America for the screening.

      • ok i ll give it a a shot (not especially in right order) : them, green soylent, creepshow 2, silent running, the day after, jaws, piranhas, grizzli, ape 3, the swarm, prophecy (yay !), the food of the gods, night of the lepus, naked gun (???), alligator, godzilla vs hedorah..

        iwthout looking at wikipedia or anything. i miss this tentacle thing (it came from beneath the sea ? but it was b&W), the dog movie (i know it, it s the dog attack on people during a night…), the cat thing, and the japanese monster….

        • planet of the apes 4

          • fwiw i also thought the tentacle was ‘it came from beyond the sea’, and i’m fairly sure the dog one is ‘the pack’ (joe don baker hauling up the attic stairs). the cat one is annoying me cuz i recognise it but can’t place it – thought of ‘the uncanny’, ‘the black cat’ from that anthology series, eye of the cat, but i don’t think it’s any of those, not church from pet cemetery, plus those don’t fit the eco-horror theme really…i’m stumped (are the pollution clips from feature flicks? if so i must be the biggest eco-film dolt this side of the (polluted) black stump)

            • i think the pollution shots are from the opening sequence of soylent green. the cat is baffling me. the pack is know in france as the long dark night and that could be it but there was another seventies movie with killer dogs, with one last shot of a cat…. oddd… i m still not sure either about the baboon / naked gun thing.

            • also missing : the slug in the ear. from “the frogs” ? i looked at my copy of squirms too and didn’t find any hint.

              and the dog movie is NOT day of the animals, so…

            • 99 % of the globe’s population couldn’t identify a scene from THE PACK so you’re leagues above in the mad eco-horror skillz. And THE UNCANNY might be included since it has so many great cat killing shots…As for the rest, you have to come to the screening to find out the truth.

        • Go cat, go!

  2. ack, snowball’s chance in hell. i musta sounded far cockier than intended above, just a silly late-night ‘thinking out loud’ lark that popped into my head while watching/ticking off the stuff i recognised (no clue about several in there esp the enviro stuff)

  3. That looks like a great line up of films. I imagine the mushroom cloud of weed smoke encompassing the theater as these films play will serve as the perfect stand-in for real smog. Good luck with the screening Christian!

    Looking at this week’s throwback ad featuring Charlton Heston, I should mention I just picked up “The Omega Man” (& “Logan’s Run”) on DVD at Amoeba this weekend ($6.00 each. Cheep!). My own little ’70s end of the world film festival.

    • Thanks, it will be an exciting night of cinematic exploration I believe. I mean, rabbits eating people.

      THE OMEGA MAN has a lot of charm, and seems to get better with age. A better director could have made so much more. I own the soundtrack. Which preludes the Other Cinema logo in the clip above.

      Enjoy the end of the world!

  4. stupid cat!

    (and stupid no private jet, now we’ll never know since christian is apparently intent on bogarting the clips for his show! the nerve! phooey! ;-O )

    assuming ‘dave’ and ‘david’ are one in the same person, i thought the pollution clips might have been from the opening of ‘soylent green’ as well (they were the only ones that came to mind from a horror-ish flick) but i had a quick look the beginning of my old-as SG VHS copy and while there are some quite similar shots they’re don’t appear to be the same (but i could well be wrong as i didn’t scrutinise and compare terribly closely, i guess us out-of-towners will never know…)

  5. Cool! I haven’t gotten myself eighty-sixed from a dump in weeks!

  6. I’ve been waiting for the chance to give it to you. To think, I’ll finally be able to get rid of those hundreds of Christmas tree air fresheners I’ve got hanging everywhere…

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