A Thousand Days Hath September…

Sinatra '65

“……………September can be an attitude or an age or a wistful reality. For this man it is a time of love. A time to sing…”

– Stan Cornyn

5 Responses to “A Thousand Days Hath September…”

  1. i’ll do a bit of a random ‘ode to september’, since i feel drippy and verbose and like typing; it was in september 2011 (just yesterday in fact) that i saw a most excellent 2 hour documentary tribute to bruce lee on the discovery channel, tracing his life/examining the powerful influence of bruce (and jeet kune do) on film and his impact on culture around the world from his life to this day (unfortunately i can’t remember what the bloody thing was called, i’ll have to look it up the title) — the best viewing experiences of sept twenty eleven, incredibly detailed, evocative and informative, even for a die-hard bruce lee fan since age dot like myself, thanks to my initiation via kato.

    weirdly just weeks earlier my boy happened to be watching ‘the crow’, and having wandered thru towards the end i stopped to watch and sort of welled up at a certain point, to which of course i got an exasperated “for goodness sake you’re gonna cry in THE FREAKIN’ CROW?!!!”, prompting what was my first proper bruce lee babble to my son, who knows i adore bruce but i think was too young before now to understand why; nor did he realise brandon – who died so needlessly during production on ‘the crow’ – was his son. i told him for the first time how i went to visit bruce (and brandon) lee’s grave to pay my respects to one of my idols when in seattle before he was born, and how even as a youngster, along with bruce’s legend physical prowess and ability, his personal philosophy of inclusiveness, connectedness, breaking down barriers, rising above, good health, inner peace and integrity impacted on my impressionable young mind. bruce was described by one of his admirers in the doc as a modern philosopher and even prophet. can’t say i disagree.

    anyway, this happily instigated re-watching ‘enter the dragon’ (on blu!) together, the kazillionth time for moi and i think the boy’s second (plus the bruce bits of ‘game of death’, really the only parts worth watching, the cut-out pic of bruce’s face over that of his posthumous body double having to be one the most hilariously bad ‘effects’ of modern cinema), both renewing the boy’s admiration for the one and only bruce, and good timing for me having just seen the man in action in his prime before viewing this excellent documentary.

    a few things things i learned: the depth of bruce’s influence on african-amercian culture, esp actors/rappers and urban breakdancing style, the MMA (I think that’s the right acronym), video game designers, and croatia (soon to have their own public bruce lee tribute statue at the time of filming, who knew? not me). also, i’d never heard the story as told in the doc by jackie chan (as one of bruce’s stunt fighters and post-bruce forced imitators, at least until jackie – knowing there is and only ever will be one bruce lee – was able to subvert bruce’s imitable speed-of-light real-life infallible superhero image to suit his own comedic style as his concept of the underdog ‘anti-bruce’ who fights but gets hurt and makes a buffoon of himself even as he manages victory, to his advantage) about bruce accidentally belting him in the face with his ‘chucks back in the day on a shoot, and how bruce came running over so concerned for bloodied jackie that bruce kissed his face in apologetic contrition. bruce kissed jackie’s owie. priceless.

    ok, i think that manuscript about covers both my nonsensical ode to september and never-endng bruce obssesion, at least for 2011. but july 2012 isn’t that far off…

    • christian Says:

      Wow – that deserves its own post. I too share your melancholia over the tragic Lee legacy and can only imagine the grief of Linda Lee. I attended one of the auctions with her in attendance and it’s clear she’s still the iconic torchbearer at least for the fans.

      The first time I visited Seattle I made it a running joke to ask everybody where Lee was buried and somehow eventually ended up at his gravesite next to Brandon’s – where a former student of his was paying respects with his son and we had a long fascinating chat.

      Still hard to believe that’s Jackie getting his neck snapped in ENTER THE DRAGON – imagine if you had told him then he would one day be the genuine cinematic successor to Lee. Chan was brilliant by simply not being Lee and being his own Keaton-esque self.

      Don’t know which doc you saw but there can only be a few…

  2. apols i’ve been offline and knackered beyond belief, but i found it:

    ‘how bruce lee changed the world’ — and a little blurb about it (his daughter shannon is in it quite a lot, which is lovely)


  3. I second that wow.

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