Scary Breakfast

Most terrifying cereal spokesman ever. And whatever happened to Krinkles….No, stay back…Krinkles…NO!


9 Responses to “Scary Breakfast”

  1. That… that’s a little disturbing actually.

  2. oh my god i fucking hate clowns

    (they all float down here…)

    who on earth thought that would actually sell cereal?! spawns of satan

  3. christian Says:

    Krinkles is coming….

  4. That’s not a little disturbing…that’s a lotta disturbing!

  5. Krinkles the undead junkie clown tears through the fabric of reality to devour your soul.

  6. yikes

    i was trying to come up with my candidate for creepiest movie clown ever (and what’s creepier, clowns or ventriloquist’s dummies…can’t do it)

    creepiest movie clown:
    i’m kinda torn between that awful little ‘chair clown’ doll in ‘poltergeist’ – which also feeds off the ventriloquist’s dummy phobia a bit given its physical nature – and pennywise… maybe the clowns in ‘clownhouse’ to boot…

    but i think the overtly ‘evil clown’ meme is a bit of an obvious modern cheat, with much of a clown’s inate creepiness derived from and dependant on the grossly misguided concept (clearly dreamt up by some mental defective) that a grotesquely-painted-white-faced-huge-fake-redlipped-smile-frizzy-haired-giant-shoed gesturing freak is somehow amusing or joy inducing for small children (i mean really. really?) as beutifully illustrated here by freakin ‘krinkles’ — so i think i’ll go with the poltergeist chair clown, who by merely sitting there smiling and staring with its ‘happy’ clown face for much of the time is terror-inducing (of course beautifully capped off with the ‘from under the bed’ scene) but it’s a tough call going past pennywise – esp if one has read ‘it’ prior to t. curry’s hideous portrayal… i’m wishy washy and wavering back and forth on this.

    creepiest animated clown:
    the unbelievably psychotic joker in the ‘arkham asylum’ vid game, yowza

    creepiest real-life clown:
    john wayne gacy

    • christian Says:

      I advise you to watch SHAKES THE CLOWN – Binky is terrifying,

      And I have a short film I made years ago I’ll be posting just for you leah. Clowns and Hobos don’t mix, yes?

      • NOTHING mixes with clowns!!! (they’re oil to hobo water)

        can’t wait for the short clown film – shudder – sounds intriguing…trying to think if i’ve seen ‘shakes the clown’, binky is a good clown name.

  7. “White….powdery…beef!”

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