Forgotten Films: Evilspeak (1981)

To honor Steve Jobs in pure SHOCKTOBER! style, this seems like the perfect fit. I never saw this nasty clever low-budget film in the theater tho the ads were every during late night creature features. A film perhaps too far ahead of its time in accurately prophecizing that The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth. In this case, poor Clint Howard as military school schlub, Stanley Coopersmith, a proto-Flounder, with less of Stephen Furst’s charm, and more sinister in a malevolent puppydog way. Yet the elite bullies who torture “Cooperdick” even go after his puppydog in a shameless sop to justified vengeance in the form of an ancient occult spirit possessing our nerd hero’s state-o’the-art Apple II — turning him into a floating demonic force with a righteous broadsword, which he uses to satisfying effect in the film’s wild, gory, totally satisfying climax. Pulpily written by Joseph Garofalo and Eric Weston, spritely directed by Luc Weston (featuring Peckinpah regular, R. G. Armstrong), EVILSPEAK is a perfect specimen of late 70’s/early 80’s horror, with a surplus of nudity and splatter amid outrageous set pieces (all I can say is: pigs in a shower). This is the kind of film that HBO was made for. Anchor Bay released a fantastic, uncut DVD in 2004 and thus, I command you to break out the floppy and boot up EVILSPEAK…


2 Responses to “Forgotten Films: Evilspeak (1981)”

  1. oh yeah baby. the movie is known as MESSE NOIRE in france (black mass or computer murder), and one of my favorites as a teen. clint howard’s character is insanely well rounded, super cool score and some sequences are truly memorable, yet so grand guignol…. the scene where pigs are eating the secretary is… well… really evil. and back then (nostalgia sequence), they did know how to design B-movies posters….

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