Saturday Morning Toy ’76

7 Responses to “Saturday Morning Toy ’76”

  1. (singing) weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

  2. ….. nah they’re clearly made of stern stuff, weebles. badass

  3. Dead Weebles rot on their feet.

  4. “zombie weebles”, the latest hasbro (TM) inspired blockbuster – dir. sir ridley scott to shoot this summer in a detailed life-sized replica of the Weebles Haunted House – chronicles the terrifying true story of a world-weary recovering-addict novelist weeble (to be played by veteran thesp RDJ), who returns to his home town weebleville when his sister inexplicably falls down in their childhood home and can’t get up. one by one the plump townsfolk are infected by a mysterious egg bacteria, creating an army of wobbly, relentlessly swaying undead who trap him in the family home, plunging our unlikely hero into a nightmarish metronome-like induced trance from which he cannot seem to wake. is his fall-down-and-can’t-get-up sister the key to ending the zombie weeble siege? find out next summer at a cinema near you, in sensaround 3D. feel the wobble

  5. leahD must be my doppleganger… (?)

    (leahD and leahn can piss right off, imposters!)

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