Night Of The Living Dead

If America isn’t scared yet by this pack of hateful, ignorant GOP zombies…My scorecard:

Cain: I was for TARP until I saw it was not popular.

Bachmann: Bomb Iran and bake cakes.

Perry: I’ll kick yer teeth in.


Santorum: Taxpayers who hate the government should give them a blank check for defense.

Paul: Reagan traded arms with terrorists.

Newt: Damn media!

America: Eek.


6 Responses to “Night Of The Living Dead”

  1. I hate to break the news, but that picture above likely includes the next President of the United States.

    • What are you smoking? Obama is going to cream Romney. The liberal pundits are totally wrong.

      America is not going to vote for a guy who thinks corporations deserve what they get and poor folk just need to try harder. And the Tea Party base HATES Romney.

      And the more America sees of these clowns, the less they like.

      • christian Says:

        An ABC/Washington Post poll this month saw Obama enjoying enormous gains across the board on the question of whether voters trust the president or Republicans in Congress more to create jobs. In September, 37 percent of independents said Obama, while 42 percent said Republicans. A month later, the poll was much better for the president, with 44 percent saying they trust Obama more and only 31 percent favoring the GOP. The new discipline is working with Democrats, too. After almost three years of begging Obama to drive home a consistent message on jobs, Democrats are starting to rally behind the president. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats in the ABC/Post poll trusted Obama on jobs in September. That number is now up to 79 percent.

  2. I’ve listened to enough of the debates to know the GOP has cemented the latino vote… for Obama, says this 3rd gen Mex-Am.

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