Eco-Horror Spooktacular…and LIVE!

I know things have not been as fast-paced around the blog here as SHOCKTOBER! dictates, but I’ve been engaged with preparing my ECO-HORROR SPOOKTACULAR on Saturday, October 29th at the Other Cinema in beautiful San Francisco. I can’t imagine a cooler Halloween event than watching a parade of vengeful critters and creatures run amok through the pop environmental landscape of the 1970’s – but then, I’m strange that way. I know our own Frank Booth will be there — how about you? Save The Earth!


9 Responses to “Eco-Horror Spooktacular…and LIVE!”

  1. break a leg christian (and if you can post any photos of you and tech dreams attendies – you and frank booth looking demented would be swell – i, for one, would be grateful!)

  2. Photos!!? Yeah, my WITSEC guy will just love that idea.

  3. happy spooky halloween! (i know, a day early for y’all, can’t help the pesky international date line)

    hope the spooktacular was spectacular…

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