Let’s Play Hackball

Chris Matthews on MSNBC epitomizes the smug inside the beltway entry-level thinking that dominates the so-called “liberal media.” This is the man who gushed over Bush’s pathetic Mission Accomplished moment with this left-wing rant:

We were given a rare opportunity to hear the real philosophy of this administration with regard to the war in Iraq. A powerful rendition by the president of why we’re there. When he talked about the fact that we can support emerging democracies in the Middle East, and that’s the only way we can prevent future 9/11′s, you’re getting to the heart of why this administration is fighting that war in Iraq.

Except just last week, Matthews tweeted this rewrite:  “I have opposed the Iraq War since I smelled it coming in late 2001.” I guess he just forgot while he hilariously claims Obama should APOLOGIZE for the stimulus (that rescued the nation from a depression) because JFK apologized for the Bay Of Pigs. See, Matthews has a new book out deifying John Kennedy so all the MSNBC foot soldiers (including HuffPo whore Howard “Hack” Fineman) had to rush out and help him pimp. So Matthews thinks Obama has to become like JFK  — or lose in 2012. Whatever the hell that means. I guess Obama should forge a new family with a bootlegger dad, numerous brothers and sisters, a few million in the bank and the capacity to bang as many women as a Catholic can. Matthews talks as if there’s no record of what he said the previous day, and he went so far as to call Rick Perry’s newest lame ad (which features a teleprompter joke) as “dynamite!” Jon Stewart once brilliantly eviscerated his horserace political philosophy, which is based only on perception, not reality. You can watch the whole clip here, and it’s well worth your time, especially since Matthews is clearly SHOCKED that anybody outside his media bubble dares to question his lame, confused philosophy.

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