Syd Cain RIP


A sad week, including a personal loss, and one wishes Prince Sirki would take a long holiday. Production Designer Syd Cain passes at the time of year I always conduct a yearly viewing of ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (1969), as you know, my personal favorite Bond film as others have taken this unique cinematic entry in the 007 canon to their bosom. In absence of Ken Adams, who he assisted on DR. NO, Cain designed not only FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, but OHMSS with his own sleek 60’s esthetic, particularly the iconic Piz Gloria and Blofeld’s cavernous ice caves. He worked on and off Bond films all the way up until GOLDENEYE (1995). His other films include FARENHEIT 451 (1966) and Hitchcock’s FRENZY (1972). Strangely, I was watching THE ROAD TO HONG KONG (1962) and was impressed by the pre-007 spy sets – turns out Syd Cain was the production designer with his own golden eye towards the secret agent age…he had all the time in the world.

5 Responses to “Syd Cain RIP”

  1. sorry to hear of your loss, christian, my condolences.

  2. Can you please credit the photograph above of Syd Cain:


  3. Thank you Christian



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