Friday Song: The Beatles

Still my favorite Beatles song, written by one John Lennon of Liverpool, England.


4 Responses to “Friday Song: The Beatles”

  1. Great tune by The Lads, alright. And from the great ‘Revolver’ album, at that.

  2. Did Spiro Agnew ever get around to banning this one, too? Definitely one of my favorites of theirs.

  3. Thought this might be an outtake from YELLOW SUBMARINE, but no — it’s from their animated TV series, which I was either unaware of or had forgotten. Strange stuff for kids, but it was the Sixties, after all. Famed voice actor Paul Frees did the voices of John and George — not very well. But he could sure sell soap.

    (And there’s your history lesson for the day, courtesy of some deep digging through the archives. I had to fight my way out past radioactive mutants led by Severn Darden, so I hope you appreciate it. It’s not like you can find this stuff on Wikipedia.)

    Revolver is pretty great, but I’d hate to have to pick any single album of theirs to take to that proverbial desert island, where there’s probably no electricity anyway — just those three aging fools from DAY OF THE DEAD and their mob of half Irish and Jamaican kids and a rusty cassette player.

    • I’m shocked you weren’t aware of their US cartoon. I always thought it was funny when the songs got more psychedelic, the cartoons stayed in Hanna Barbera Squaresville, man.

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