Happiness Is A Warm Toy Gun


3 Responses to “Happiness Is A Warm Toy Gun”

  1. I had a similar ensemble for THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., which also provided a shoulder holster for the pistol along with business cards announcing me as a member of the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. (Funny how these things stay imbedded in the brain for nearly fifty years.) My parents being “good Catholics” (ha!), they used to drop me off in front of the church on Sunday mornings so I could get an earful of The Almighty while they lounged around reading the Sunday papers. Times being what they were, my nine- or ten-year-old body was in suit and tie (fitted, of course; mom never bought off the rack) concealing said shoulder holster and gun (U.N.C.L.E. seemed to favor German lugers — which my war vet dad informed me were “cheaply made and inferior”), just in case any THRUSH agents were hiding in the pews. I didn’t fall sucker to this nonsense for long; after they handed me the coins to drop into the collection plate and sped off, I’d go inside the church, wait five minutes until the coast was clear, and spend the next 45 minutes hanging out at the local Sweet Shoppe/newsstand, gloming through the latest issues of Famous Monsters, For Monsters Only or Castle of Frankenstein!

    • Praise The Lawd and Pass The Ammo!

      Awesome story. I’m sure THRUSH knew you were there protecting the House of God.

  2. And those toys barely look like guns, more like appliance weapons. The coolest 007 knock off was the Mattel Agent Zero radio/camera set:

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