Nicol Williamson RIP

The best screen incarnation of Merlin fades into the Dragon’s Breath…


3 Responses to “Nicol Williamson RIP”

  1. Charley Brady Says:

    I love Nicol Williamson in just about anything allthough I was a bit disappointed with Excalibur when it came out. I just got the feeling that Boorman had waited so long to make it and was so close to a subject that he was mad about that it was never going to be the way he had filmed it in his head. But maybe it’s time for another look? You know the way you can leave a film alone for a few years and then you find it looks completely different when you go back to it. I seem to remember Gabriel Byrne in it in a small early role as Uther Pendragon.

    By the way, have you seen Williamson in a cruelly overlooked British film about medieval France called “Hour of the Pig”? ( I think it’s known in the States as “The Advocate”.) It’s a small gem which is funny, grotesque, sexy as hell and sad all at the same time. A great cast includes Colin Firth, Donald Pleasance and Ian Holm. Very recommended.

  2. charley brady Says:

    Bloody hell, that cracking review makes me want to see it again. I never did revisit it and can’t remember now why I was vaguely disappointed. Maybe, as with Robert E. Howard’s epic written visions, seeing a screen version is never going to be the way it is in my head. ( I loath both attempts at Conan.) I definately have to check it out again. If memory is right, Neil Jordan first emerged with a documentry on the making of it.

    But… the full armour sex scene is the most erotic ever?! And people think that I’M twisted!

    I dug out the sixties version of Hamlet with Williamson in the main role yesterday and Marriane Faithful as Ophelia and I’d completely forgotten that Anthony Hopkins was in it. It may be time to give up beer abuse!

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