Davy Jones RIP

A sad way to start this gray day. Oddly, I’m working on my next presentation at Other Cinema that integrally involves The Monkees and their fabulous pop legacy. Created by Bert Schneider as a clear commercial rip-off of The Beatles, the auditioned band included Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and of course, dreamy Davy Jones, who had a long career already of theatre and music-halls. Jones was the surrogate for Swinging England and probably the most charming Monkee. He’s particularly funny in their incredible deconstructionist feature film, HEAD (1968) and in tribute, here he is doing Nilsson with choreography assist from Toni Basil and a cameo by Frank Zappa. I’m sure somewhere above Davy Jones is doing a wonderful heavenly soft-shoe…


One Response to “Davy Jones RIP”

  1. I agree. Davey was the most charming of The Monkee’s, alright. Sad news, indeed. May he RIP.

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