Technicolor Dreams…And LIVE!

Spring is in the air, a time of rebirth and regeneration. A time to Turn On, Tune In and Drop Over to Other Cinema on Saturday, April 28 for my next cinematic presentation: “Technicolor Dreams: Psychedelic Cinema 1959-1980” – a clip survey documenting this kaleidoscopic genre that peaked in the ‘60s and ‘70s. We’ll weave in and out of the chemical and cultural mindscape of the era, trippin’ on the grooviest moments from a rainbow myriad of film and media that celebrated or condemned the Acid Generation. Free Kool-Aid and a liquid light show among other psyche-delights. Sugar cubes optional. You’re either on the bus or off the bus…


12 Responses to “Technicolor Dreams…And LIVE!”

  1. Charley Brady Says:

    Weird or what? I just finished re-reading “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” last week, Tom Wolfe’s classic account of life with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. Now I click on and read this. Coincidence? Oh no, what’s that stirring in the frontal lobe? Is this synchronicity? Is the old hippy in me reappearing?

    Well, not really. When I read this in my twenties I wanted to be on the bus! 30 years later it didn’t sound all that great to me.

    Somewhere along the road I got off the bus. It happens.

    • christian Says:

      Great book, tho Kesey disregards Wolfe’s account.

      And no coincidence. A few months back, I was strolling through Golden Gate park thinking about Kesey and when I came to Haight – yes, there was the Further bus, resplendent in form and color with Ken Babbs at the wheel.

      Need I say more? You’re never really off the bus. Man.

  2. sounds trippy man, i’d love to go. break a leg christian!

  3. My ethereal pineal gland… I am one with The Creator… Owsley was a Saint… orders from Captain Zeep…

  4. Charley Brady Says:

    Flickhead, how can you be one with the Creator when I AM the Ceator? We haven’t even been introduced yet.

    Leah, I thought I caught a sighting of your astral body grooving it’s way over Ireland earlier tonight–or maybe it was just those dodgy mushrooms I was eating.

    Christian, you live and learn. Didn’t know that Kesey wasn’ t all that
    crazy about the Wolfe book.

    May the celestial Zap be forever on your heads. And I mean that in a nice way.

    Groove on and may the spirit of Dennis Hopper be always with you.

    • no that was me charley, i was out looking for somebody long gone but not forgotten. (do take care with dodgy shrooms though, i don’t want to be out looking for your astral body too!)

  5. Charley, beyond the seas of thought, beyond the realm of what… Across the streams of hopes and dreams where things are really not… NUMBER 9 NUMBER 9 NUMBER 9… be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

  6. Charley Brady Says:

    I THOUGHT that was you, Leah. Was it Bertie Ahern,our unlamented ex-leader by any chance that you were looking for? Oh no, couldn’t be him. He’s forgotten but not, alas, gone.

    You can look out for my astral body any time.

    Flickhead, now you really have my paranoia kicking in. I mean that number you’re throwing at me…Jesus, Sam Neil in Omen 3 is hanging out of me saying, turn those three 9s upside down and what do you get?

    Any more of those threats and I’ll have Leah’s astral body telling me where you live!

    By the way, how did you know I wore flowers in my hair? Actually, they’re rose thorns. After all, I am the Creator.

    OK, nurse, I’m ready for my medication…again.

  7. christian Says:

    I think you’re all still on the bus. But you don’t know it.

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