Saturday Night 45 RPM ’68


9 Responses to “Saturday Night 45 RPM ’68”

  1. Charley Brady Says:

    I’m trying to remember: what exactly was it about seeing large breasted, nubile women in tight little space suits being threatened by tentacled Lovecraftian horrors that got us so worked up back in the 60s? Oh wait, it’s coming back to me…

    By the way, in the photo above, is it just me or does the little fella in the middle remind anyone of Al Pacino in “Cruising”?

    What? It is just me? Back to the medication, nurse!

  2. tech dreams won’t let me comment anymore..testing testing 123…

  3. Christian Says:

    What the…it must be…THE GREEN SLIME!!!!!

    Shit – I couldn’t post either…

  4. Charley Brady Says:

    So…no one could mail for two days after my attack, I mean comment. Now the truth MUST be told!


    Well, let’s be honest: I’ve had ex-girlfriends who have called me worse.

    Either that or Al Pacino was pissed off. Talking of which, he was here in Ireland a few weeks back with Wilde Salome. Damn, I hope I look that good in my seventies. Hell, I wish I looked that good now!

    • christian Says:

      They are rather adorable in the film when they’re not electrocuting their victims to a fiery death.

  5. Christian Says:

    And THE GREEN SLIME is now available in a beautiful widescreen version from the cine-angels of Warner Archive:

  6. J. Walter Puppybreath Says:

    Thought you might enjoy my self-edited tribute:

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