Favorite Title Theater: Reservoir Dogs (1992)

The first time I heard the title RESERVOIR DOGS was in a throwaway mention by an actor in an interview. The next time was from Megan Dodds, who told me in a letter that I had to see RESERVOIR DOGS. Then there was the film’s writer-director on the cover of the LA Weekly staring at me while I was clerking at Broadway Video in Long Beach (and still in bidness!) and the Quentin Tarantino 90’s arrived. Within a month I had a copy on VHS and popped it one afternoon with my mate Andy. The film was a revelation and I instantly became a fan, etc. etc. etc. I was particularly taken with the raw energy of the opening titles and the pop joy of “Little Green Bag” juxtaposed with the coming carnage. What a time. Cut to a few years later at QT Fest III and after a midnight screening of Walter Hill’s LAST MAN STANDING, I’m in a circle chatting with Mr. T about the film, which I’m not as enthused about and say, “Didn’t you think the narration was kind of on the nose like BLADE RUNNER?” And Tarantino swiped his lanky arm through the air and said,” If you think the narration in LAST MAN STANDING is like the narration in BLADE RUNNER, then I think you are 100 percent completely wrong.” My friend Beth was giddy: you had a film geek debate with Tarantino! And he smacked me down. Which is cool. I would encounter him a few more times through the years and he was always easy to chat with about cinema. For that along with his iconic American films, happy birthday to the patron saint of video clerks and screenwriters.


One Response to “Favorite Title Theater: Reservoir Dogs (1992)”

  1. Still one of the coolest title sequences around.

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