Luke Askew RIP

One of the most underrated character actors in film has hitched a ride to the other side: Luke Askew, best known for his right-on portrayal of the commune leader in EASY RIDER (1969) also appeared in dozens of classics (COOL HAND LUKE) and not-so-classic films (THE BEAST WITHIN), all the way up to a memorable role in Richard Linklater’s THE NEWTON BOYS (1998). I highly recommend his career interview in SHOCK CINEMA #39. I’m honored to have already included one of his key moments from EASY RIDER in my upcoming TECHNICOLOR DREAMS show, and his character in the film is one of the most interesting and believable; I love it when Dennis Hopper yells at Peter Fonda to hurry up and Askew silences him with a stern wave of his hippie hand. Beautiful.


3 Responses to “Luke Askew RIP”

  1. Good tribute to an under appreciated character actor, christian. I remember well in ‘Easy Rider’, as well as his bits in ‘Rolling Thunder’, ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’, and even ‘The Green Berets’.

    • christian Says:

      I love that Askew was in the most right-wing film of the 60’s, THE GREEN BERETS and the most counter-culture, EASY RIDER.

  2. Charley Brady Says:

    Lovely tribute, Christian. For me he’ll always be Eno in Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett. What a great stare that guy had on him!

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