Technicolor Dreams

Thanks to all who packed the Other Cinema on a warm San Franciscan Night for a mind-bending night of TECHNICOLOR DREAMS: PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA 1959 – 1980. I love that when I asked who had seen THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, a majority of the crowd raised their hands. San Francisco. I live completely vicariously through an audience being forced to watch a succession of twined clips from my favorite turned-on films and thankfully, the dosed crowd was completely receptive. You have your orders. Thanks to OC’s maestro Craig Baldwin for supporting my genre habits and yes, we’ll be taking our show on a trip…to your town soon. And for the record, I have dropped the “70” from the ¬†TECHNICOLOR DREAMS site name — it just sounds too limiting and we’re all into expansion, man.


2 Responses to “Technicolor Dreams”

  1. Charley Brady Says:

    “…taking a trip to your town soon”. You mean that you’re coming to Galway, Ireland? I can’t wait; and you’ll feel as if you’ve come home! This place IS a trip.

    By the way, glad to hear you’re dropping the 70. You’re right. Who needs limitations?

    Oh wait: there’s our slimy bankers, our bent politicians, our corrupt Churches, our…[grumpy old guy continues to mumble into his beard]….

    • christian Says:

      Since my roots are in Eire, I will be hitting Ireland soon, hopefully with Tech Dreams in hand.

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