Aur Onnad Meren Sir Christopher Lee

Otherwise known as “Happy Birthday” in Elvish, since our celebrant is fluent in pretty much every language on Earth and Middle-Earth. Let’s raise a pipe and glass to the greatest avatar of cinematic goth royalty as he hits the magik milestone of 90. What could be the secret to his longevity…?


One Response to “Aur Onnad Meren Sir Christopher Lee”

  1. Charley Brady Says:

    Lord Summerisle himself turns 90. What can you say to that except that I will raise a glass of red…uh, wine to him.

    Like most people of a certain age he was just the actor that we always wanted to sneak into the X rated films to see. And that was in an age when X rated doesn’t exactly mean what it does these days.

    I’ve so many happy memories of Lee that I wouldn’t know where to begin. I do remember gazing longingly at a huge poster of “Taste the Blood of Dracula” and knowing that I didn’t have a hope in Hell of seeing it, even though I stole my dad’s jacket one afternoon in the hope that it would make me look a little older.

    Didn’t work. I still just looked like a prat wearing his dad’s jacket.

    My first real sighting of the Great Man (stop smirking, you lot, that’s what he was to us) on the big screen was when “The Wicker Man” was the bottom film of a double bill with “Don’t Look Now”. What a night that was! Two classics for the price of one. And when I say ‘price of’ that wasn’t actually true as we snuck in the back door of The Orient in Ayr, Scotland.

    When I heard him speak in those never to be forgotten tones, while wearing a kilt, that Jesus had his chance and …”in modern parlance, blew it” I think I knew there and then that it was highly unlikely that I would ever become a Born Again Christian. Born Again Pagan, maybe, but how I loved that film.

    And yes, Christian, it didn’t exactly hinder my early teen hormones that Ingrid Pitt was there also—and had she only known it, I could have been her beau forever. It was not to be.

    I’m actually trying to think of the first time that I actually paid to see him…was it as Scaramanga…?

    Help me out here, Leah, I’m missing your comments lately!

    By the way, great cover choice!

    Hopefully, to be continued….

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