John Cassavetes’ Diary

“October 12, 1977: Today we’re shooting my last scene. Finally. And what’s my motivation? Exploding. Yeah, I actually blow up. De Palma has ten cameras shooting this like it was the fucking German Olympics. I had to do a face casting whatsit sitting in the goddamn chair for three hours while that sweet Baker kid slopped pounds of latex jizz on my face. I couldn’t even smoke for fifteen minutes. I told De Palma I’d bust his head open if he took any publicity photos but Falk had already snuck in and was sketching me, the sonofabitch. He wouldn’t answer no matter how much I yelled, but I could hear him giggling. Get back on the fucking case, Columbo. The Baker kid played it cool. He was the one who would blow me up. Or at least tube me for blood. Yeah, I gotta bleed and twitch until they cut to the wired dummy, which I have to admit, looks freakishly real. Wish I could take it to investors instead of gladhanding for money. I asked De Palma how he wanted me to play the exploding scene: like Jerry Lewis or Don Knotts. He puffed on his cigar and didn’t answer, the unflappable bastard. I told De Palma he could shoot ten films with those cameras instead of one blowing me apart; I know one of the grips like a brother and I think he’ll grab me one. I have an idea about a gun moll on the run…maybe I can get somebody to rustle up some of these leftover squibs…”


2 Responses to “John Cassavetes’ Diary”

  1. Oh wow… Thanks so much for this; what a great read. (And the references to Rick Baker are so sweet and paternal!)

  2. This is great. Thanks for this. Love your blog by the way.

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