Retro-View Repost: Alien (1979)

To celebrate the release of Ridley Scott’s first genre film since the extraordinary LEGEND (1983?-), here’s a flashback to one of  TD’s most popular posts, the Retro-View of ALIEN. As you re-read, I shall be in the digital dark, basking in the 3D glory of H.R. Giger, finally unleashed again on the widescreen. Welcome back, guv…

If the release of STAR WARS on May 25, 1977 altered the esthetic course of my life, filling my impressionable mind with a sense of universal myth, action, wonder and destiny, the release of ALIEN on May 25 in 1979 transmogrified my vision to include the dark underbelly of the universe. I first heard about the film in 21st CENTURY FOSS, an incredible monograph of science fiction illustrator, Chris Foss. He was one of the original artists hired for the film and the book presented some of his unused pre-production designs. Then I read about ALIEN in the pages of STARLOG and CINEFANTASTIQUE as the buzz started to build. The teaser ads were genuinely scary and unnerving in an age where nobody knew nothin’ about the film…  Continue to the Retro-View


2 Responses to “Retro-View Repost: Alien (1979)”

  1. And did you enjoy Prometheus? Or should I say Prom-ise of a Good Film Wasted-Theus? It sure was pretty, but what a terrible ending. I liked it right up until [spoiler] they woke Powder and he started going all MMA on everyone [end spoiler]. It was so aggravating. The film played, to me, like all four Alien films being played at once on shiny HD TV’s on Blu-Ray in the same room – there were so many elements of each of them in there. It was a mess. I never get upset at films for not living up to expectations, but this one really bothered me. Probably because it looked so GREAT! In both the anticipatory and aesthetic sense. It’s existence makes no sense when Alien is still a relevant film. ALSO: “Hi there, pretty phallus-worm! You look cute and cuddly, even though I’m terrified of whatever happened here up until JUST NOW!” Lame.

    • christian Says:

      I have to say I was prepared to be let down story wise, but it was so great to see Ridley Scott back where I think he belongs along with HR Giger’s design work back on the screen with real sets. Enjoyed Fassbender as well but really don’t want or need to know where the Alien came from. I think the other idea within PROMETHEUS could have been better as a stand alone film.

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