Saturday Comic Book ’75

I was crazy about MAD Magazine, but not for SICK, CRAZY or CRACKED, which I always saw as the RC Cola to EC’s Coke or Pepsi. MAD taught me early on to question authority, to suss through media misinformation and cultural hypocrites. Of course, PLOP! comic was another matter entirely. Hanging in the same 70’s kitsch kamp betwixt Wacky Packages and monster magazines, PLOP! was DC Comic’s stab at “weird humor” redolent of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and HOUSE OF MYSTERY, which featured creepy hosts introducing stories of grue and irony. Our hosts in PLOP! were Cain, Abel and Eve (drawn by the awesome Sergio Aragones), the spritely cynics who always ended up in a bad situation at the end of every issue. The memorable cover art of weirdos illustrated by Wally Wood or Basil Wolverton were a big part of the allure although my naive young mind was usually disturbed by one or two tales. Still, there was nothing like grabbing the glossy new issue of PLOP! off the rack along with a handful of Wacky Packages on a limitless Saturday afternoon at the comic shoppe…

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