Friday Song: Tangerine Dream

Shifting my consciousness after last night’s wonderful TECHNICOLOR DREAMS event from psychedelia into electronica, here’s my absolute favorite track, “Monolight,” from the seminal German band, Tangerine Dream, arguably the most famous and successful pioneers of electronic musique. Their catalog is so vast it’s near impossible to isolate their style as it dramaticaly veered from KrautRawk synth noise to lilting melodic soundtracks. I was fortunate enough to see them in 1988 on their tour for “Optical Race” — and what a concert it was. This is a rare 1980 remix of  “Monolight” – which I first heard in the Long Beach City College library, in the days when would borrow an LP to play at one of the turntable listening stations. I had just moved to Southern Califiornia, determined to change my life and pursue my Technicolor Dreams. If music provides fortitude, this tune has sustained me through years. Dream On.


2 Responses to “Friday Song: Tangerine Dream”

  1. Ross Care Says:

    I heard their concert in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago. I was transfixed! They played for nearly three hours. The lights and visuals were amazing too.

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